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Market Sectors

Compressed Air and Gases:gas-comp1

Often underestimated or overlooked, compressed air is a vital element of the majority of today’s manufacturing processes accounting for approximately 10% of the global source of energy used in today’s industrial environment.

Maximising the use of compressed air and gas used by any manufacturing company is often considered as a vital means of energy saving, which ultimately results in cost savings as well as a minimised impact on the environment.

With a commitment to product design and development we at Dynatherm continue to innovate new concepts to achieve lower pressure losses and water use, to work with our customers to improve cost reductions and
compliment compressor systems, regardless of their nature and design
whether traditional or bespoke.laundry1

Supply is for compressed air and gas including products for Oxygen service and recently a new product for us, air cooled compressed natural gas (CNG) units, with a final stage pressure of 500 bar.


Within this sector we have supplied many energy recovery units throughout Europe, including the USA and Australia, reclaiming heat from hot wash water and other energy sources. We continue to work with customers to develop new products to broaden the scope for operational savings.

Off Road Rigid Haul/Dump Trucks


As a significant manufacturer we have supplied brake and transmission oil cooling associated with heavy off road plant used within the mining and construction market.

Refrigeration Equipment

To customers own design and drawings providing for the fabrication and supply of heat exchangers such as evaporators and condensers for example, extending this service for other similar customer products.