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Design & Manufacture

design1 Our design and manufacturing facility is supported by our team using the latest computer aided design systems for all thermal, mechanical and drafting functions. This enables us to design exchangers and vessels in a variety of materials whilst still complying with the majority of internationally recognised design codes and directives, such as:

  • PED 2014/68/EU – European Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • PD5500 – British Standard Specification For Unfired Fusion Welded vessels.
  • ASME VIII DIV 1 – American Society of Mechanical Engineers Vessel Code.
  • TEMA – Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association Standard.

Supporting these are our own enhanced heat transfer products and manufacturing techniques together with in-house designed special purpose tooling, backed up by modern CNC machining centres enables us to supply ad-hoc, batch and volume performance products.