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history1 Having first been based in Kidderminster at original formation in 1977, 2 years later, Dynatherm moved to it’s current location where we have since worked to support UK based manufacturing companies, as well as laundries within the local area health authorities supplying heat exchangers for a variety of services.

In the early eighties we started to introduce an extended surface tube to the compressor market providing both an improved product and performance. We expanded on this to include profile enhanced tubes of which the latest variant is included within our current waste water heat recovery unit.

Through these early years as we moved through to the nineties we became very involved in bespoke individual products for the process and off shore gas fields, supplying both air and water cooled gas, oil and water exchangers. We also got involved with landfill gas supplying coolers and re-heaters for sites such as at the Beckton Sewage treatment plant and at the Mucking Landfill site supporting a Centrax gas turbine generating electricity for the national grid.

Other contracts at that time as we moved into the new millennium were the supply of several modular elements to form a large dry cooling tower installed at the Sin Fin site Derby. A 1 metre diameter by 3 metre long superheated steam cooler with 2 inch tubes and tube plates in duplex stainless steel for Greece. These also along with large exhaust gas exchangers for diesel and natural gas powered generation projects. An unusual project for us, the supply of regeneration boilers and condensers for a gas fired lithium bromide absorption refrigeration process for air conditioning manufactured in 90/10 cupronickel.

Underlying this our move into the PET business as some of our customers started to concentrate on this market, together with an increase in demand for off road heavy vehicle brake and transmission cooling. Additionally the increasing requirement for energy savings, increasing demand for our waste water energy recovery units within the laundry sector.

It was at this time we started to work closer with our customers at the concept stage as we now engineered products to meet a specific technical and dimensional envelope, frequently needing to think outside the box to provide solutions. It was from these small beginnings we are now able to pride ourselves on having an innovative approach to the products we produce and supply today.